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Agricultural tyre Apollo

Apollo Agricultural tyre

Founded in 1972, Apollo Tyres is an Indian company specialising in tyre manufacture.

Currently the world's 15th-largest tyre manufacturer, the group generates revenues of INR 150 billion a year (around €1.8 billion). Around 70% of revenues come from the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa, and 30% is generated in Europe.

Truck and bus tyres account for 42% of sales, while 39% of tyres sold are for cars. 10.3% of sales concern off-road vehicles and 6.8% concern light commercial vehicles. The group opened its first plant in Prambra, Thrissur, in the Kerala region of India. The company currently has four production plants in India, one in the Netherlands and another in Hungary.

In 2003, Apollo Tyres entered into a financial and technical collaboration with French group Michelin. In 2004, the Michelin Apollo Tyres joint venture launched a new range of tyres for heavy vehicles and buses in India. In 2006, Apollo Tyres acquired Dunlop South Africa, and in 2009, it acquired Dutch manufacturer Vredestein Banden.

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