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Agricultural tyre Cultor

Cultor Agricultural tyre

Cultor is a brand launched in 2009 by CGS Tyres. These tyres are essentially designed for agricultural use. Cultor, just like Semperit before it, has developed an industrial range.

The brand offers avery wide selection of tyres with a radial tyre range including broad radials. (Cultor Radial-70) and standards (Cultor Radial S) as well as cross-plies (Cultor AS-Agri), implement (Cultor AW-Impl), implement tractors (Cultor AS-Impl) et directional (Cultor AS-Front). The quality is equal or superior to Semperit tyres.

Cultor tyres are characterized by excellent traction capacity..

Bestseller profiles

Drive wheel

Tractor front tyre


Industrial/ Handling machines