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Agricultural tyre Leao

Leao Agricultural tyre

With its four production plants around the world, all using the latest production and automation technology, the Leao group ensures rapid and effective production, providing tyres of optimum quality.

Not content with using state-of-the-art technologies, the company has combined its best machinery with product control tools at the end of the production chain. Each tyre is subject to a wide range of tests and checks to guarantee all customers that the tyres meet very high quality and safety standards.

Research and development is central to the Leao group's investment. Based in all four corners of the globe, the group's research centres allow it to think of and develop tyres suited to different markets, climates and driving habits. These centres also allow for testing and development of the best technologies in order to constantly improve the quality and performance of its tyres.

In figures:

6 of the world's biggest carmakers trust Leao to provide original equipment for their vehicles

40 million tyres produced each year

More than 250 SKUs available: a tyre for every need

Industrial/ Handling machines