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Agricultural tyre Michelin

Michelin Agricultural tyre

With international acclaim for the quality of its products, Michelin now wields substantial financial power. It employs more than 112 000 people and operates around 70 production sites distributed all over the world.
Michelin is deeply committed to staying at the edge of technological change and innovation without neglecting strategic areas. As a consequence, it is investing on all the segments including the agricultural one in order to gain greater know-how.
In order to significantly reduce the soil compaction and rut creation due to extensive use of agricultural machines, Michelin has introduced tyres featuring a innovating carcass. Michelin's Ultraflex technology allows a substancial sidewall deflexion that makes it possible to work at much lower pressures. The contact patch is thus considerable increased for better load distribution. As a consequence, soil compaction is reduced to a minimum. Greater yield potential and enhanced cost effectiveness. All of Michelin's agricultural tyres are tailor-made for maximizing the contact patch.

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