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Aluminium wheels Enkei Tuning

Aluminium wheels Enkei Tuning

Enkei Tuning argues that wheels are the ultimate means to express your style and personality, much like clothing and jewelry Enkei Tuning wheels offers wheels with impeccable design and finish The wheels are molded using high performance processes. Each wheel is screen for defects to reach unequalled performance. Enkei Tuning sells its products all over the world, especially in Asia, North America and Europe.. Enkei Tuning has been the official supplier of McLaren since 1995.

Izumo SC38

From 154,80£Enkei Tuning Izumo SC38

5 Bolts

18" 19" 20"

Yamato SC24

From 94,44£Enkei Tuning Yamato SC24

4 Bolts 5 Bolts

16" 17" 18"

Nagato SC50

From 115,04£Enkei Tuning Nagato SC50

5 Bolts

17" 18" 19"

Wakasa SC22

From 114,31£Enkei Tuning Wakasa SC22

4 Bolts 5 Bolts

17" 18"