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Aptany Tyres is part of Wanli Tyre, one of the world's leading names in the tyre market.
Aptany Tyres has established its presence in the United States in particular and has been exporting its products to various countries in Asia, North America and Europe for more than 25 years.
The company's production plant is based in the city of Canton (Guangzhou) in China, in the Conghua district. Aptany tyres are among the best tyres on the market.
The company also sells low price tyres, as well as more expensive tyres for high-end vehicles, and excels in its ability to provide the best possible customer experience. The company has achieved a top-ranking position in international markets and is now one of the world's most popular tyre brands.
Produced using the latest technologies and modern methods and machinery, Aptany tyres are very positively viewed by buyers.

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