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BARKLEY tyres are manufactured by one of the world's top 20 tyre firms and it is one of Asia's leading PCR and TBR tyre manufacturers with more than 37 years' research and development experience. It is able to produce up to 6.5 million TBR tyres and 30 million PCR tyres a year.

Barkley tyres are produced using a high tech system with over 12 certifications. The company has obtained CCC, DOT, ECE, GCC, EPA/SmartWay, INMETRO and LATU certifications for its products and has also obtained ISO9001 and TS16949 certification for its management, and ISO14001 and GB/T28001 certification for its environmental management as well as its health and safety at work systems.
Barkley is a new high-end brand in the tyre world. Dedicated from the outset to a professional high tech approach, the company is growing at a rapid rate.

Why Barkley?
In our economy, price and purchase value are important for us all, as are quality as safety. Barkley guarantees high quality tyres at competitive prices.
Choosing Barkley means choosing one of the top 20 tyre companies in the world. Choosing Barkley means becoming part of a family devoted to tyres, that will always provide support and advice and help you to choose your tyres.

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