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Comar Tyre & Wheel Inc is one of the leading tyre companies, located in Vancouver, Canada. It specialises in supplying high quality tyres at competitive prices in the Canadian market. Comar Tyre & Wheel is the exclusive agent for the Comforser and Ginell brands in all of Canada and has enabled these brands to penetrate the entire Canadian market.

Comforser Tire offers annual production capacity of 6 million sets of passenger car tyres and 3 million sets of truck tyres. Comforser products have ISO, ST 16949 quality system certification, CCC Compulsory Products Certification, European ECE certification, US DOT certification and Gulf countries GCC/GSO certification. Its car tyres are sold in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa etc.

The company also has some popular OEM brands in factory, such as "ARTUM", "RBP", "XF", "V-NETIK", "BORISTAR" and so on.

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