215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T 8PR - Edit

Michelin Agilis 3 215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T 8PR

Category : Light truck summer
72 dB
4.0 /5 (7 reviews)
Michelin Agilis 3 215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T 8PR
Michelin 215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T
Michelin Agilis 3 215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T 8PR
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Brand Michelin
Model Agilis 3
Size 215/75 R16C 116/114R 113T
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Specificity 8PR
European rating
72 dB
Category Light truck summer
4.0 /5 (7 reviews)


The Agilis 3 is a light commercial summer tyre designed with performance and durability in mind. This is part of the brand's move towards developing more efficient transport that is more environmentally friendly. It is determined to apply this principle to its entire range, from car tyres to truck tyres.

The weight of the Michelin Agilis 3 is on average one kilo less than the Agilis 2. Producing this tyre therefore requires fewer natural resources and results in less end-of-life waste. The lower weight results in more fuel economy, thanks to the tyre’s low rolling resistance.

The Michelin Agilis 3 helps reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing "on average, the CO2 emissions of a commercial vehicle by 100 kg for 20,000 km travelled" according to the group’s internal tests. This represents the “CO2 stored in about 3 trees and at a fuel consumption reduction of 0.2 l/100 km”.


7 customer comments

4.0 out of 5 stars

Fuel consumption 4.0 /5
Wet road 4.5 /5
Dry road 4.5 /5
Comfort 4.0 /5
Value for money 4.0 /5
Stability 4.5 /5
Noise 4.0 /5
Longevity 4.0 /5

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