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Michelin Pilot Sport 4
235/45 ZR17 97Y

Price per unit 97,09 £
Specificity : XL, MFS Category : Passenger summer 4.5 /5 (41 reviews) In stock

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/45 ZR17 97Y XL, MFS

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Thanks to its optimised lines, the Pilot Sport 4 235/45 ZR17 97Y (XL, MFS)  provides excellent grip on both wet and dry pavement. “BI-COMPOUND” technology.


41 customer comments

4.5 out of 5 stars

Fuel consumption 4.0 /5
Wet road 4.5 /5
Dry road 4.5 /5
Comfort 4.5 /5
Value for money 4.5 /5
Stability 5.0 /5
Noise 4.0 /5
Longevity 4.0 /5

Customer reviews

- BMW 120d - Road - Regular - 125000 km

Great tyre, feels very comfy and composed and good grip.

Would you buy these tyres again? Yes

- Vw Golf Mk6 Sportline - Highway - Sporty

Previous tyre was a bridgestone potenza, these michelin blow them clean out the water!! Dry grip is fantastic but the weather has been very good recently (04-2020) so I'm yet to see what they're like when it drops below 0°c. Wet grip again only been 1 day so far where its rained but I was very impressed, tyres gave me loads of confidence especially round roundabouts, very little slip if any under hard acceleration. Can't comment on wear as I've only done 1k approx since fitting. Comfort is very very good, I have adjustable damping an with my last tyres I had to set them to the softest setting, the michelin tho feel very soft in comparison an almost glide over bumps so I've been able to set the suspension a lot more firm... Even on our rubbish roads. I will definitely be buying another set, as long as I get decent millage out of them.

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- Volvo V60 D4 R-Design - Highway - Regular - 31000 km

An excellently balanced tyre, with great turning, noise and worning capabilities. This the 2nd set I bought and would by them again.

Would you buy these tyres again? Yes

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