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Shandong Fengyuan Tire Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is based in the economic development zone of Yicheng, in Zaozhuang, Shandong. The company is owned by Shandong Energy /Mining Group 81, a state-controlled group of companies, and produces semi-steel radial tyres, from research and development through to manufacture and sale as part of the modernisation of major businesses.

The company designed and planned annual production of 20,000,000 semi-steel radial tyres, doubling its annual production capacity. In two or three years, the company will be able to produce 5,000,000 full steel tyres per year and 20,000,000 semi-steel tyres as part of a comprehensive range of products. Its managers and staff can capitalise on a variety of advantages and complementary resources that puts their company at the cutting edge of national tyre production.

Targeting high-end products, configuration of the Dutch VMI moulding machine, Italian wire grille, German TROESTER production line, South Korean Donghe vulcanisation machine, make the company's world-class semi steel tyre production and the quality of life of its staff at the forefront of the industry. Use of the world's first application of nano material and the low temperature of the tyre and high temperature nitrogen vulcanisation and other advanced technology improve the tyre strength, flexibility, thermal conductivity, antistatic property, and enhance the durability of the tyre. Product performance has reached the second phase of European labelling for high-end tyres.

The company has been able to introduce state-of-the-art technology to its design/manufacture with a research and development centre run by a highly technically advanced professional team and with a 3,000 metre laboratory, SDS German laser interferometer team, German and US (Aerfamenni) test machines allowing it to apply the principles of rheology as well as other advanced international research methods, as well as other experimental equipment allowing for innovative research and development of high-end tyres that are compatible, secure, durable, non-skid, offering a high level of resilience, low rolling noise and anti-slip in a 6 HP and UHP series, SUV tyres and snow tyres, for 400 multiple specifications.

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