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Motorcycle tyres Anlas

Anlas motorcycle tyre


Founded in 1960, Turkish company ANLAS started investing in local tyre production in 1970. Production began officially in 1976.

Human resources

ANLAS recruits technical staff and qualified production staff. The experience acquired through years of working in the tyre industry means that all the company's employees are trained in rubber and tyres. Forty years' experience means that the business culture is able to strengthen staff.

With its dedicated sales teams working across all markets, ANLAS forms ties with dealerships and customers directly on the ground. Sellers are able to provide real-time feedback about the quality and performance of products on offer.

With a large number of dealerships in Turkey and 60% market share, ANLAS has been working on the company's future for many years.


Located in the industrial city of Düzsce, halfway between Istanbul and Ankara, ANLAS's premises at at the crossroads of the trans-European highway and the national road network.

The company has a total of 100,000 square metres of flat land available for any expansion plans. The current plant and its ancillary buildings occupy a closed area covering 13,000 square metres.

The site is also home to laboratories used for chemical and physical testing of materials and compounds, as well as a test centre where tyres are tested during development and where the quality of finished products is checked.