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Motorcycle tyres Cheng Shin

Cheng Shin motorcycle tyre

Does your vehicle have wheels? Cheng Shin has the tyre for you! The Taiwanese company, founded in 1967, once produced only tyres for bicycles. It is now the world's ninth-largest tyre manufacturer. Cheng Shin Rubber, which does business as Maxxis or CST Tires in some areas, distributes tyres to nearly 170 countries and has been certified for every major international safety and manufacturing standard. With operation centres in more than a dozen countries, quality Cheng Shin tyres are never far from your doorstep.

Each of Cheng Shin’s facilities is held to the same principles of design, innovation and integrity. The company sets the industry standard for manufacturing operations, using the newest advanced methods to produce well-constructed tyres that will give you long-lasting performance. Cheng Shin tyres use specially formulated tyre compounds and tread patterns that will provide superior traction on any terrain and in any conditions. But unlike typical performance tires with a short shelf life, you can get season after season out of your next set of Cheng Shins. As an OEM motorcycle tyre supplier to industry titans such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, Cheng Shin is trusted by the most respected motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and you can ride with confidence knowing the same.

Cheng Shin has grown exponentially in the past 15 years as people discover the excellence of their tyres, and continues to open new manufacturing plants and develop new tyre technologies.

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