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Motorcycle tyres Mefo-Sport

Mefo-Sport motorcycle tyre

He drove a motocross bike at the age of 13 and took part in his first race a year later. Today, he only rarely takes part in competitions but he has kept his passion for the sport: he is Joachim Liebl, CEO of MEFO Sport GmbH.

This is why MEFO Sport knows exactly which details make it stand out from its competitors. MEFO Sport pays attention.

MEFO Sport identifies the individual needs and desires of its customers and does all it can to satisfy them. This is what motivates MEFO Sport!

Every day, customers take MEFO Sport back to its roots: passion for motorbikes. And that is a very good feeling.

Because good advice is essential in this sport, MEFO Sport does not provide stores for end users. MEFO Sport thinks that the existing network of resellers is a necessity, both for private customers and for manufacturers and wholesalers.

MEFO Sport also has something in common with its suppliers: guaranteeing the highest possible quality standards for its products. And because MEFO Sport and its manufacturers are continually improving over the years, this aspiration has been behind partnerships based on continuity and trust. MEFO Sport has developed long-term business relationships with companies like Kenda, Heidenau, Shinko, Acerbis and No Toil. New to the "family of manufacturers" were Ariete, Dirtboy and Mechanix.

MEFO Sport uses its many years of technical know-how and expertise as an importer and wholesaler to guarantee its customers the best value for money. MEFO Sport applies this principle to each of its segments.

MEFO Sport works hand in hand with its customers and manufacturers. The best example of this is the product "Mefo Off Road Mousse", which Mefo Off Road has developed and produced to meet individual customer requirements. The companies Mefo Offroad and MEFO Sport GmbH cooperate closely with each other in order to optimally promote worldwide sales.

This is the only way to stand out from the crowd, true to its motto: "Hard on the gas, who brakes, loses!".