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Pewag ServoMatik

Automatic tensioner
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Chains Pewag ServoMatik

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  • 9 mm chain links enable fitting in narrow wheel wells.
  • Tensioning indicator shows you that the chain is correctly fitted.

ServoMatik RSM64

13"175/80 R13185/70 R13195/65 R13205/60 R13
14"165/80 R14175/70 R14175/75 R14185/65 R14195/60 R14205/55 R14
15"155/80 R15165/70 R15175/65 R15185/55 R15185/60 R15195/50 R15195/55 R15205/50 R15
16"175/60 R16185/50 R16195/45 R16205/45 R16215/40 R16
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ServoMatik RSM67

13"185/80 R13195/70 R13195/75 R13205/65 R13
14"175/80 R14185/70 R14185/75 R14195/65 R14205/60 R14
15"165/80 R15175/70 R15185/65 R15195/60 R15
16"185/55 R16185/60 R16195/50 R16215/45 R16
17"185/50 R17205/40 R17
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ServoMatik RSM69

14"185/80 R14195/75 R14215/60 R14225/55 R14
15"175/80 R15195/65 R15205/60 R15225/50 R15
16"175/75 R16185/65 R16195/60 R16
17"215/45 R17225/40 R17
152,19 £SeeIn stockFree delivery from 72h

ServoMatik RSM77

14"225/80 R14
15"215/80 R15225/75 R15275/50 R15
16"195/85 R16205/80 R16215/70 R16235/60 R16245/55 R16255/50 R16
17"225/60 R17235/55 R17
18"225/50 R18225/55 R18245/45 R18255/40 R18
19"235/45 R19245/40 R19
20"215/45 R20225/40 R20
161,79 £SeeIn stockFree delivery from 72h