FORMULA FB955 95Ah - 720A

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  • Vehicle type : Standard
  • Power (A) : 720 A
  • Capacity (AH) : 95 Ah
FORMULA FB955 95Ah - 720A

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The Fulmen FORMULA FB955 95Ah - 720A high-performance battery for vehicles with small- & medium-sized engines and standard electronic features provides 15% additional starting power thanks to the quality of the materials and components. Fosters the longevity of the active component thanks to a ‘diamond' 3DX GRID reinforced mesh, which also increases electrical performance to guarantee a long-lasting product.

FORMULA FB955 95Ah - 720A battery technical features:
- C20 capacity: 12V 95Ah
- Start-up power (CCA): 720A
- Connection: car terminal
- Polarity: positive terminal on the left
- Container: D31
- Technology: vented
- In compliance with the requirements of products used as original equipment
- Highly shock and corrosion resistant
- Very low self discharge