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BFGoodrich heavy truck tyre

BFGoodrich heavy truck tyre

Since the first tyre came off the production line, BFGoodrich has continually pushed the limits in terms of its products' performance.

In 1870, Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, a visionary and self-taught entrepreneur, created the very first tyre plant in North America in Akron, in the state of Ohio. At that time, performance was already an integral part of the brand's DNA, prompting his son, Charles Cross Goodrich, to go on to develop the company's first research centre in the United States.

In 1903, BFGoodrich® stood out from the competition by becoming the tyre of choice for the Ford Model A, the very first car to cross North America from east to west.

The company inevitably also took an interest in the beginnings of the aeronautics industry. 1909 was the year when BFGoodrich® established the record speed of 75 km/h on a Curtiss Airplane Corporation plane during the international air race held in the French city of Reims. It was then just a few years until BFGoodrich® became the stuff of legend by equipping the Spirit of St-Louis in 1927, the plane in which Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop transatlantic flight in history. And in 1977, its tyres even went up into space with the Columbia space shuttle.
Always on the lookout for new ideas and new possibilities, BFGoodrich® tyres are constantly taking on new challenges, accumulating over time firsts and crucial historic steps forward in tyre design.

BFGoodrich® tyres for trucks and heavy goods vehicles have AT LAST arrived in Europe

Since 1914, BFGoodrich® race tyres have proven their performance on all race circuits and during all major competitions, including the Baja 100, the Cross-Country Rally World Cup and the Dakar Rally, and won numerous trophies and victories over the years.

Motorists on all continents swear by their robustness. Whether you are travelling long distances, furrowing through the urban jungle or making your way through mud and ice, BFGoodrich® tyres are resolutely on the side of the truck and its driver. Whether you're a driver or a heavy goods vehicle, a dump truck, a coach or a bus or a local delivery provider ("last mile delivery"), there are the tyres you need, regardless of your terrain and your performance demands.

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