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Michelin heavy truck tyre

Michelin heavy truck tyre

Michelin has grwon to become one of the most prominent actor on the international tyre market. Thanks to products of outstanding quality, Michelin has managed to gain worldwide credit and substancial market shares for its brand. Michelin's tyres are sold in over 1701 countries. The key of such tremendous success has to be found in the values of reliability, safety, audacity and environmental awareness at the core of Michelin's business practices. In little more than a century, Michelin, which started its activitties in Clermont-Ferrand, has developed more than 3500 tyre models and was approached by the most prestigious of car manufacturers.
Thanks to its outstanding success, the manufacturer launched into the heavy truck segment. In 2012, it was chosen as n°1 manufacturer for radial tyres, retreaded tyres and energy saving tyres.. Michelin's heavy truck offer breaks down into 6 different ranges that correspond to the different requirement of transport professionals.

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