Steel or alloy wheels? The best options for winter

With the coming of winter, the roads become dangerous and slippery.

It's high time for you to change your tyres unless you have the appropriate all season type fitted already:

One option is to keep your current wheels and have your winter tyres mounted for you at a garage (and bear an important cost for the operation). However, it is advisable to switch between two sets of tyres + wheels especially if you live in a region with sharp contrasts between seasons.

According to our experts, steels wheels is the best choice for winter

Comparatively less expensive and sensitive to scratches than alloy wheels, they are also heavier, which allows better grip in snow. Never mind their lack of glitter ,just make use of hubcaps and remember: winter is a lot about being in the dark

Tip for the alloy fanatics :You can get equipped with alloys specially designed to resist the corrosive effect of salting for a longer life for your wheels.. The resistance of the wheels depend mainly on the quality and the quantity of veneer used..