Replacing an alloy wheel

The technical specifications of a wheel are explained in the image below :


1. Width of the wheel in inches.
2. Diametre of the wheel in inches.
3. PCD : distance in mm between two opposite bolts.
4. ET or Offset is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub mounting surface.
5. Central bore : diametre of the hole at the centre of the wheel where the axle is secured.

Provided you know the PCD, central bore, number of bolts and offset of your original wheels, feel free to use our selector by size

If you don't know some or all of the above information, that is not a problem. Indeed, thanks to our database, we can display the relevant items depending on your vehicle. Start by selecting your vehicle here. Our site will display only the wheels that are adapted to your vehicle for the front and rear axle

After the query is completed, you can figure out the exact size of your wheels and make a search by size. just make sure you respect a few basic rules

The golden rules

By all means feel free to choose wheels with a different size than original setting. Just ensure that:

  • The number of holes and PCD is identical: As the wheel is secured to the axle with bolts, it is necessary to have the same spacing between holes as the axle. It is determined by the number of holes, and the measure between two holes sitting opposite to one another ( PCD)
  • Identical or bigger central bore : The term central bore refers to the hole at the centre of the wheel. It is vital to secure the wheel on the axle. As a consequence, it is imperative that the diametre of the bore should be equal or bigger than the diametre of the axle. If the central bore is too big, you may experience unpleasant vibrations while driving that can be reduced using centering rings to fill in the space between the hub and the wheel..
  • Equivalent offset : Offset is an important element since it determines the position of the wheel on the axle. With an offset value that is too big, you run the risk of scraping the braking parts. Conversely, with too much negative offset, the exterior body part is at risk.