How to change a quad or motorcycle tyre by yourself ?

If you want to spare a good deal of money and you are good at do it yourself stuff; all you need to replace your quad tyre by yourself is the right equipment. You can do it for quads tyres and motorbikes tyres. However, never try with a car tyre because you might damage the tyre or the wheel.

The tools you'll need for the operation

If you want to do the fitment properly, you must have the adequate tools:

  • a valve key
  • a bead breaker.
  • Plastic protectors
  • Tyre levers
  • Tyre fitting Soap
  • a static wheel balancer

Removing your tyre

The first step consists in deflating your tyres as fast as possible, using a valve key or releasing the air my pressing the top of the valve in

Next, rest the wheel on the floor and press the rim of the wheel against the breaker to start lifting the tyre off the wheel on both sides . .

Once the tyres are broken off all the way, you may use soap and other lubricants in order to make the next step easier.

In order to hook the tyre off the rim, you need to use plastic protectors to potect the wheel against damage before prizing the tyre off with the levers Repeat step as often as necessary..

For the opposite, the operation is the same.

Fitting your tyre

Lubricate the tyre and the wheel one more time. The first side will be relatively easy to fit, if necessary, you may use a tyre lever.

In order to fit the opposite side, make use of several tyre levers while keeping the pressure with your knee or a friend.

Once the tyre is in place, you can fit the valve back using the same valve key as in the beginning

The last step consists in making sure the tyre fits neatly. In order to do so, inflate your tyre until it pops onto the wheel

The last step is to inflate to the required pressure and balance if necessary..