Scratches are in the rear view mirror,, thanks to rim protectors

Have you ever wondered what the MFS, FR, FSL ou RPB markings on the sidewall of a tyre stood for?

They refer to the presence of some kind of rim protection against the risks of scratching your wheel on curbs....

Take a look at the two pictures below

This is far more easier that Spot the differrence, can you notice and exposed to debris and shocks the wheel on the left picture seems compared to the other? That's because the wheel on the right is protected by a raised rim protector. In this case,,the tyre plays the role of buffer to protect the wheel

Are rim protection tyres the norm ?

No, most standard tyres do not feature this add-on . The reason is that most standard tyres are mounted on steel wheels covered with hubcaps. The problem comes from the fact that rim protection limits the types of hubcaps that can be fitted on wheels.

What is more, rim protectors only provide slim protection against heavy shocks”.

Do you know Rimblades?

Other solutions exist for the protection of your wheels such as Rimblades that you glue to your wheels . The protection provided by rimblades is not as high as the one with rim protectors but may be replaced after a shock. Rimblades come in different colours and help personalize the look of your vehicle..

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