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Durun tyres are made by Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group Co, Ltd, located in the Chinese province of Shandong. Durun is one of the main tyre manufacturer usingthe latest technology available in the world to produce more than 200 different tyre sizes designed for the international market. Production equipments were imported from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. The products obtained certifications from E-MARK, the US department of transportation, the Brazilian department for quality ( INMETRO) but also the CCC certification and the ISO°9001:2000.

Durun wants to embody the best of tyres. Durun tyres are designed to maximize road handling and grip Durun is exported all over the world, it is increasingly visible on the European market where it seeks a leading position. The brand invests heavily in research so as to offer top range tyres that fit safety and quality norms to the full.

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