Customer review

Report - Scott T 2019-08-19

Fantastic service, great communication and all worked perfectly. Thanks for making the process easy, would definitely recommend and will be back.

Report - Pete 2019-08-16

Excellent service, fast delivery and quality tyres.

Report - Neville Brooker 2019-08-15

Fast service and right price on the tyres. Will use again for sure if they ever get these back in stock. Easy to order and pay.

Report - Deano 2019-08-08

Excellent service. Easily booked in. Dealt with in agreed timescale and kept me informed and checked everything ok before I left.

Report - Mike Sadler 2019-08-04

Never go anywhere else now because they don't invent jobs, don't overcharge and are totally honest with me. My father used to go in too. Also the service bay is excellent.

Report - TMc 2019-07-28

Great service, quality tyres at reasonable price, well done.

Report - Gee_grimshaw 2019-07-27

Only been on for a few hundred miles but the tyre fitter was blown away by the 'feel' and the depth of tread (something that had never occurred to me but apparently some brands of tyres have more or less tread depth than others!) None of my mates could believe the price either. Thanks!

Report - Dougherron 2019-07-22

Excellent tyres. Would recommend.

Report - DaveR 2019-07-21

Great Deals, no problem.

Report - Qudrat 2019-07-21

Good price and quick delivery

Report - Keith R 2019-07-14

Great price and service

Report - martianz 2019-07-13

Great price, fast delivery and the wheels look great on my van! Highly recommended!

Report - Sebastian 2019-07-10

I'm very impressed, the delivery took place in less than 24 hours after the order.

Report - Sarah H 2019-07-08

Good customer service. Booked me in within a couple of days of the tyres arriving and fitted them within the timescales stated. Will definitely return.

Report - Mark R 2019-07-08

Amazing tyres! I wanted a full set of new all terrain tyres for my 2002 Nissan Patrol and ordered these after reading many reviews and having narrowed it down to BFG's or General Grabbers. The BFG's had slightly better performance and the GG's possibly slightly better life expectancy. When the BFG's were delivered and I saw them on the lawn, my first impression was that they had sent MT's by mistake - the sidewall has some very aggressive side treads, and the tread pattern itself is much more aggressive than I had expected for an AT tyre. When I checked the markings, they were definitely KO2 AT's though... I was familiar with the original KO's, and they were much tamer - milder tread pattern and no side tread. My next concern was they would be noisy and handle poorly compared to original KO's I knew from old. These look every inch an MT, so I expected MT performance on the road... Once fitted, the first thing I noticed was turning the wheel whilst stationary or crawling slowly required more effort on the steering wheel - not really a problem with power steering. The second thing I noticed once I got up to speed is that they were actually quieter than my previous tamer AT's - that was a big surprise. Handling on tarmac is surprisingly similar, so no penalties there either - so far so good. As far as offroad was concerned, I had no concerns - I knew they would out perform the previous AT's which they did in the first minute reversing up steep wet grass hill in 2WD where I would have spun the wheels previously. I don't know how they have made an AT tyre as aggressive an an MT and perform like an AT on the road. Well done!

Report - Quaify 2019-06-25

Great tyres, good grip, went for higher profile on Range Rover, glad I did as it gives it more cushion and a comfortable ride, tyreleader always has best prices, defo use again

Report - bmw328 2019-06-25

very good service and good price. Thankyou

Report - Mr Verney G Wood 2019-06-10

Fast and efficient

Report - Terry McAloon 2019-06-09

Most impressed with the tyres, the price, and the very quick delivery. Would definitely use again and can't reccomend them enough. GREAT TO DEAL WITH. THANKS.

Report - Gary (Pudsey) 2019-06-07

Well received, only had a five minute wait. Very pleasant and quick fitting. Good prices. Recommended. Thank you.

Report - Ray 2019-06-03

Good tyres and delivery was good and on time. I put them on a bmw 325i desiel. Will recommend buying it.

Report - Carl P 2019-06-03

Tyres have just arrived. Ordered 4 days ago. All well wrapped. Made a fantastic saving. Thanks a million. Have told all relatives I know about you5 stars all the way. Will never buy another tyre in the UK again. Thanks tyreleader.

Report - focus 2019-06-03

Best tyre. Good price

Report - Stuart R 2019-05-30

I'm back in love with Tyre Leader, after I had delivery problems last time. The website seems to have better Customer Service links, now, for when things go wrong. They still can't be beaten on price and my local fitter does a great job for £12 per tyre, all in. Not everyone stocks the Pirelli ATRs, which are the best all-round SUV tyre I've ever used.

Report - Nigel firth 2019-05-29

Can’t fault this company myself. I ordered my tyre on Thursday from Andorra and received it the following Wednesday in the UK. Great service as far as I’m concerned. Well done Tyreleader.

Report - Fred 2019-05-28

The service was really good but the garage, not so good. The tyres are really good.

Report - Taylor D 2019-05-28

Arrived in super quick time. These tyres are very good, last & wear very well.

Report - Robert Fairbairn 2019-05-26

Great tyre at a great price and anA++++++++ company to do business with. Thank you..

Report - Bryan pickard 2019-05-26

My tyre is now on and it s a good price and seems to be a good road holder.

Report - Quaify 2019-05-26

295 40 22 , Range Rover sport, these tyres are a lot better than 285’s plenty more cushion and the radar tyres are good with good grip, can’t comment on longevity yet as not done enough

Report - Chris Heayberd 2019-05-25

Speedy & effective service at a competitive price. Excellent tracking.

Report - Joebagley 2019-05-22

Great price tyres and quick delivery. Tracking could have been better but great service none the less

Report - RobRS 2019-05-22

Excellent service, tyres delivered to the UK within 3 working days at a great price. This is the 2nd time I've used Tyre Leader & the 2nd time I've received excellent service - would highly recommend Tyre Leader :-)

Report - Frank M 2019-05-18

The tyres were exactly what I ordered from the website and the delivery time was great as we live in the North East of Scotland. All things considered Tyreleader provides an excellent service, excellent choice at great prices.

Report - jim boyd 2019-05-15

great service and prompt delivery highly recommended.

Report - Alan Eddie 2019-05-13

Great tyres for the price and very fast delivery,would recommend Tyreleader if your looking online for tyres

Report - C PURCELL 2019-05-13

Great price easy online ordering quick delivery 100%

Report - Quaify 2019-05-12

Great tyre at at the best price I could find, tyreleader are great from my opinion, have bought tyres before and always seem to be the cheapest, great service

Report - JP18 2019-05-12

Ordered from this company - excellent service. Received regular contact via email and delivered speedily. Will definitely use again

Report - Rupen K 2019-05-08

Took 4 days but got the tyres in good shape. Early days to report on tyres. Great service.

Report - RobRS 2019-05-08

Great price, reasonable delivery to the UK ~7 days from order placement. Would recommend & use again.

Report - leesisk1979 2019-05-06

Excellent service and quality. Very pleased.

Report - UK_Outlander 2019-05-04

Excellent service, would recommend

Report - Kez 2019-05-04

I was so impressed I have since returned twice more for tyres and every time the service is great

Report - Kez 2019-05-04

great tyres, excellent price, slight delay in delivery but was couriers fault not tyreleaders. Would 100% recommend

Report - Gatewrights 2019-05-04

Excellent service, far cheaper than other sites.

Report - Paul 2019-05-03

Thank you Maria, a little hiccup on delivery but perfectly sorted and no time lost, I actually think they do read emails and Maria assisted me perfectly. Also Tyreleader were cheapest by a long way and the Garage network suited me. I won't be looking anywhere else in future.

Report - Gary 2019-05-02

Not fitted the tyre yet, but well please so far with price and delivery. I do need another tyre for a different bike so will be returning to place another order.

Report - Scott 2019-04-28

Great price and fast delivery with the option to insure your tyres at minimal price. Grabber XL Road tyres.

Report - Steadydriver 2019-04-26

I had to replace four tyres on my S-Max. I wanted XL all season tyres and these guys couldn't be beaten on price. The only downside compared to other on-line retailers is having to organise and pay for fitting separately, but it still worked out much cheaper. I went to Tristar All Season Power tyres. They look a lot like Michelin at a fraction of the cost. I was concerned about delivery timescales because DPD had them 'in transit' for a few days, but it worked out OK in the end. Very pleased and will try these guys first next time.

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