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Mr p 2019-02-16

Excellent tyre fitting and balancing, properly torqued wheel nuts and friendly service. Will definitely use again. Recommended.

Steve 2019-02-14

Ordered Tuesday afternoon, despatched from Kesseldorf, Germany and delivered to Haddington, Scotland Thursday lunch time. My thanks and compliments to Tyre Leader and DPD. Fantastic service.....and price!

Martin 2019-02-08

Excellent quality tyre, great service, very prompt delivery. I can highly recommend this company!

Hamzah 2019-02-06

My dad found this this website and asked me to order him some tyres. I was skeptical because the price seemed to good to be true. In the end I went ahead and ordered it for him (with his credit card rather than mines). Tyres came 3 days later! Brilliant service and brilliant price. I'll be using them again.

Dean 2019-02-06

Great service Great Price highly recommend

Vladimir P 2019-01-23

thank you for the alloy wheels, good condition, fast delivary and goes well with my car thank you so much.

Steve 2019-01-22

Wheel arrived very quickly even though it was the Christmas period. Fantastic service , and great Value. Will use again.

Gingaball 2019-01-21

Fantastic value , quick delivery

Julianwl 2019-01-20

Great service from tyreleader although let down by Christmas holidays. Tyre agent closed for holiday so courier was going to send back. I intercepted the parcel and got them fitted. Tyreleader always have the best prices and great products, I love my Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres, so much grip and last forever!

davidwf 2019-01-18

initially rather dismayed to learn they were being shipped from Andorra of all places......visions of weeks waiting and lost orders.....but no, instead they arrived in just 2 days!!! mightily impressed with that

Robert 2019-01-16

Excellent service! Would highly recommend,fast delivery and superb product-Michelin pilot sport toMerc CLS

Zoltan 2019-01-16

Great service. Would go back again. Recommended!

Ian L 2019-01-16

Excellent service and great prices would definitely use again

Paul Hardiman 2019-01-13

Laufenn winter tyres arrived very quickly, at a very good price, and all together as a set of four. No idea how long they will last but they are basically Hankooks developed in Europe so I have every confidence. A set of four 175/65R14s which we are using on a Berlingo van (with reduced 82T load capacity, obviously) cost less than a pair of UK-sourced 215 Falkens for my Mondeo. Good service!

Philip B 2019-01-11

Have purchased several times through Tyreleader.. Always very competitive on price for recently manufactured tyres. Never had a negative issues here, and will be using these people again

Jacqui B 2019-01-10

Wow - what an Excellent Service! I ordered my tyres on the 9th and received them on the 10th. Thankyou Tyreleader, I’m a very happy customer.

Mark Muller 2019-01-09

Excellent price, delivery time was adhered to. Would recommend and use again.

Brooksy7 2018-12-27

Great tyres for the money. Have bought them several times and will continue to buy them

Philip W 2018-12-25

excellent tyre at a good price with excellent delivery

Bela Kaman 2018-12-21

Best price on the net. Very quick dispatch. Great tyres,look good on my vito

afatalikhan 2018-12-19

Perfect service! Dispatched and arrived very quickly! Just make sure that you improve on order communications (confirmations, dispatches). Otherwise - Brilliant! Thanks

David C 2018-12-18

Brilliant service yet again. Value is unbeatable. Comms great.

Audrius Z 2018-12-17

I got tyres in 4 working days. So far so good:)

Don K 2018-12-14

Excellent service, excellent price, excellent tyres !

John Whittle 2018-12-13

Very impressive delivery speed. Ordered in the UK. Paid to an account in Andorra, despatched from a warehouse in Germany and arrived the following day! Undercut the UK price significantly.

Blockhead 2018-12-06

First time using this company, excellent price and delivered within the given time frame. Definitely recommend.

Yakub 2018-12-06

Excellent tyres and quality, very quiet, comfortable. Best price and delivery.

Yakub 2018-12-06

Best prices and quick, reliable delivery.

Henry S 2018-12-05

fast service and best prices.

Lampforce 2018-12-04


Steve Rossi 2018-11-24

Brilliant service and great prices

Graham 2018-11-24

Great service and prices again from Tyreleader. Used on six occasions now over the years and always provide such prompt delivery. Black Circles can't compete with them. Graham

Ninda 2018-11-23

Excellent service. Had a problem with my BMW. They sorted it with out a hefty bill. A BMW specialist could diagnose the problem. They did. Good service and customer satisfaction. Definitely recommend

darrenappleyard 2018-11-22

Tyres turned up but took a week

P byles 2018-11-21

Great tyres for great price, quick and easy shipping will definitely use again

Wolfenden 2018-11-21

Excellent service

BuzyG 2018-11-17

MPSS, Best tyre I have found for my Z4MR. Now on my fourth set. Great in the wet, once warm. Superb in the dry.

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

I always use TyreLeader, good reliable service and great tyres

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

You are the best, many thanks

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

All good, many thanks

Rotax646nut 2018-11-16

Low prices for quality tyres, I wouldn't go anywhere else

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

Great service and fast delivery, many thanks

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

Brilliant service as usual, thanks

Rotax636nut 2018-11-16

Great service fast delivery and low prices, I buy all my motorcycle tyres from TyreLeader, they definitely deserve my 5 star rating

CharlieBar63 2018-11-16

This Company went way above and beyond to rectify a small problem, I would absolutely recommend dealing with TyreLeader, the wheels were lovely and the service was outstanding.

Recurring Customer 2018-11-15

Been using these on my car since I bought it new and they've been brilliant. On average, they last ~12000 miles, around the year driving at normal speeds and with a few enthusiastic outbursts. They tend to wear out visibly easier on the traction wheels, so rotating them every 3-4000 miles or so may help even out the wear so optimal performance is maintained throughout their lifetime. Grip is fantastic regardless if you have traction control on or off - obviously leave it on for optimal safety and tyre noise is at a decent level (read: imperceptible). 5/5 tyres, 5/5 service.

T6 Driver 2018-11-10

Thoroughly impressed with these tyres on my VW Transporter T6. (Load rated for a T32). 10 inches of snow in my street last year. Next door neighbours AWD Volvo XC60 wouldn't look at it with its summer tyres. My van ploughed tracks up the street with ease. At the top of the street was a guy with a Vivaro on the Continental tyres I use on my van in the summer. He couldn't get moving on the flat. Once we'd pushed him out the way, I pulled off on the slope without issue. Have driven up 10% gradients in the snow with these tyres. They're quiet enough too. As I only use them for 5 months of the year, I can't comment on long term durability. Only time will tell. But delighted so far with their performance as a winter tyre.

ukc701004918i 2018-11-10

Second time I have used Tyreleader and it's been spot on both times. Tyres were delivered to my local tyre centre and fitted at my convenience for £10.00 each. Between my 2 cars I have now saved hundreds on the 8 tyres.

Bob Hughes 2018-11-09

You cannot beat tyreleaders service/ delivery/ and prices, they are the tyre company of tyre companies, if you require any make of tyre at the best price then this is the company to buy from.

Dietz R 2018-11-08

Great service, simple and efficient. Thank you

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