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General Tire tire has been around the tyre market since 1915. It produces tyres with advanced tread patterns, for unrivalled performance. The tyres of General Tire tyres guarantee comfortable road handling, safety and will provide you with a feeling of total control over your vehicle.

General Tire tire produces tyres with unique innovating designs that are key to explain the company's established success. General Tire Tire offers performance tyres for passenger, light trucks and SUVs.

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Technology from General Tire

VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator)

VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator)
The tire lifespan is significantly improved thanks to the VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator) technology. During the first 1000 kilometers, it detects any abnormal tread wear that would result from an alignment error.

RTM Device (Replacement Tire Monitor)

RTM Device (Replacement Tire Monitor)
Designed to alert the driver that it's time to change the tire, the RTM technology ensures your safety.
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