Moderation charter

The user can leave a comment or opinion on: a product, an editing partner or our site. To do this, he will choose a username (his own name or a pseudonym). The user is informed that the pseudonym used may be subject to moderation and must not in any way infringe a third-party intellectual property right, or contravene the conditions set out below. The user is responsible for the comments he sends to the Site; he is bound by the legal and regulatory provisions in force, in particular those which repress the abuses of the freedom of expression.

AD TYRES INTERNATIONAL SLU reserves the right not to publish or to delete a comment that would be contrary to the following conditions and in particular:

  • violent, defamatory, abusive, illicit or obscene comments;
  • of any invasion of privacy, and more generally of any person's personality rights;
  • of remarks that undermine human dignity;
  • any comment that denigrates, degrades or harasses any other user, our employees or our partners;
  • of inciting to violence, the commission of a crime;
  • of any infringement of the protection of the personal data of a third party;
  • content infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular articles, works), for which he does not have the necessary authorizations of the authors and / or assigns.

Messages that do not respect these rules can be deleted without notice.

As such, the author of the unpublished comment will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible of the reasons why the notice has not been published.

Users can request moderation explanations by using the contact addresses of the Site (indicating your e-mail, nickname and URL of the article concerned), but no comments hinting at the work of moderation will be put on line.

In case of non-compliance with these rules, AD TYRES INTERNATIONAL SLU reserves the right to systematically refuse a user's comments, temporarily or permanently suspend access to the user's comment service.

The moderation does not allow to detect a priori all the illicit contents and in particular the contents infringing the rights of the thirds, the user guarantees AD TYRES INTERNATIONAL SLU against any action or complaint following the setting on line of its comment, if it turns out to be illegal.

AD TYRES INTERNATIONAL SLU provides the user and his own moderation services with a device to report:

  • abuses and comments that may be considered as non-compliant with these terms of use or the law;
  • doubts about the authenticity of an opinion.

AD TYRES INTERNATIONAL SLU will be free of the consequences given to this alert if the report is sufficiently motivated. It will therefore be free to withdraw a comment that it considers not in conformity with these general conditions of use or the law, and this without formality or preliminary warning.

The user will take care to avoid off-topic, unfounded rumors, misinformation, jokes of bad taste and dubious comparisons. To be understood by all, the user will write readable and understandable messages: no SMS language, comments in capital letters or in foreign language (except exceptions). A comment will never be modified to meet the requirements of the charter but directly deleted. Comments responding to a deleted comment may also be deleted.

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