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Shandong Huasheng Rubber Co. is a company specialising in tyre production. Founded in 1994, the company is located on a 55 hectare site in the city of Guangrao, near Dongying, in the Shandong province. It focuses on producing quality, environmentally friendly tyres for cars and trucks.

Habilead is one of the group's brands. It has extended its activities to a number of leading tyre brands, designed using quality materials and with a high end tyre structure in order to guarantee good road grip and safe driving. Of the various known brands, Habilead Tyres is committed to excelling in the market and building a name worthy of trust in all four corners of the globe.

Habilead offers an attractive range of tyres with incomparable grip and durability. The range of Habilead tyres is suitable for utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as small passenger vehicles.

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