235/60 R18 103T MFS, ELT - Edit

Pirelli Scorpion Elect 235/60 R18 103T MFS, ELT

Category : 4x4 summer
A B B 69 dB
Pirelli Scorpion Elect 235/60 R18 103T MFS, ELT
Pirelli 235/60 R18 103T
Pirelli Scorpion Elect 235/60 R18 103T MFS, ELT
A B B 69 dB
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Brand Pirelli
Model Scorpion Elect
Size 235/60 R18 103T
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Specificity MFS, ELT
European rating
A B B 69 dB
4x4 summer
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Pirelli leaves an electric mark on the automotive sector with the Scorpion Elect, designed exclusively to harmonize with the nuances of electric vehicles. This tire, a paragon of innovation, benefits from a recalibrated footprint for reduced energy consumption. It promises optimized acoustic comfort and increased responsiveness, which enhance the electric driving experience. The emphasis on performance without neglecting energy efficiency demonstrates Pirelli's mastery in the tire field. This tire is the culmination of extensive research aimed at reducing the ecological footprint while maximizing driving pleasure. Each component has been thought out to meet the challenges specific to electric vehicles, thus ensuring optimal interaction with the road and a respectful environmental legacy.


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