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Main product line of Shengtai Group, the parent company established in April 2002, is all-steel radial truck tyres and high-performance half-steel radial truck tyres. The annual production capacity of the company is 3 million sets of all-steel truck tyres and 6 million sets of high-performance semi-steel radial car tyres. Presently, the company holds the 1st China Famous Brand of Tyre Industry in Dongying City, the Brand of THREE-A.

The THREE-A branded products and bead wire of Dolphins Brand have been categorised as the Famous-Brand Products of Shandong Province, and the Brand of THREE-A has been recognised as the Famous Export Brand of Shandong Province. Sequentially, products were certified by DOT of the U.S., ECE of EU, INMETRO of Brazil, Gulf GCC, the test of noise and wet land, as well as state mandatory CCC (China Compulsory Product Certification). They have also passed Quality Management System Certification of ISO 16949, Environment Management System Certification of ISO 14001, and Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certification of OHSAS 18001. The above certifications have brought about favourable basis for the sound development of the company. Since establishment of the Group, it has focussed on the idea of producing mid-range and high-end products to build its brand, imposing strict requirements for artwork on our products, strict management, and strict control. State-of-the-art technical team is in charge of R&D of its products, working with extra care on each product, which has therefore gained it good market and customer recognition. Most of its products are sold to over 50 countries and areas, such as Europe, America, Middle East, and Australia, and are well received among customers.

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