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Uniroyal Rain MAX 3
195/60 R16C 99/97H

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Price per unit 82,89 £
Specificity : 6PR Category : Light truck summer
72 dB
4.0 /5 (9 reviews) In stock

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Uniroyal Rain MAX 3 195/60 R16C 99/97H 6PR

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The Uniroyal Rain MAX 3 195/60 R16C 99/97H (6PR) is designed specifically for use on vans and light trucks. Highly rated as an economical choice by professional drivers, it provides both longer lasting durability and reduced consumption. Its wide longitudinal grooves disperse water efficiently and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. This tyre also stands out for the excellent braking performance and high levels of grip it provides when the vehicle is loaded.


9 customer comments

4.0 out of 5 stars

Fuel consumption 3.5 /5
Wet road 4.0 /5
Dry road 4.0 /5
Comfort 4.0 /5
Value for money 4.0 /5
Stability 4.0 /5
Noise 4.0 /5
Longevity 4.0 /5

Customer reviews

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- Ford custom transit '66 - Road - Regular - 45000 km

Great all round tyre with good wet grip. Far superior to equally priced tyres. Can't say about longevity yet but I've had plenty of uniroyals on cars and the usually last 2-3 years on front, 4 on rear with quick driving so I'd expect about the same on a van. Time will tell but I'd trust uniroyals over most other brands.

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