Wheel markings : size, wheel hump and bead profiles.

Except for wheel fanatics , making heads and tails of wheel markings may seem like a hopeless task. Fortunately, Tyre Leader is here to help you. Wheel markings consist of a series of numbers and letters.

6J x 15 H2 ET43
Quick reminder :
  • 6 :Wheel width in inches (1 inch : 25.4 mm)
  • 15 : wheel diametre in inches
  • ET43 :wheel offset

What does the letter J after the wheel width mean?

The letter J corresponds to the bead profile. Even though there are several different profiles out there, J is by far the most common type for modern vehicles. :

AFor bikes, motorcycles, light and heavy trucks and forklifts.
BPassenger cars (wheel width : 6 inches)

Warning, it is prohibited to fit a tyre with a J profile on a wheel with a B bead profile !

DFor bikes, motorcycles, light and heavy trucks and forklifts.
ELight and heavy trucks
FHeavy trucks
G,HHeavy trucks
JPassenger cars
P,KAntique cars such as Bentleys and old Jaguars
S,T,V,WUtility vehicles

You should always respect the bead profile required by your car and your tyres.

It is prohibited to fit a tyre on a wheel with an incompatible bead profile.

What does H2 mean ?

This markings stands for the wheel hump, it usually appears at the very end of the wheel markings. It corresponds to the rigidity of the wheel. There are several wheel humps out there.