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How to properly replace your tyres

It is recommended to equip your vehicle with 4 identical or similar tyres. If there is too much of a difference between two sets of tyres, they might not respond as quickly and you might lose control of your vehicle.

Renewal of one tyre only

The Highway Code states that the difference in depth of two tyres mounted on the same axle should not exceed 5 millimetres.

If it corresponds to your situation, and you need to have one of your tyres replaced, you must replace it with a tyre that is identical in all aspects. The replacement tyre must share all the characteristics of the other: brand, tread pattern, load index, speed rating and diameter.

Replacement of 2 tyres

When your tyres are worn, replacing them becomes compulsory. Tyres in good condition guarantee safety in your vehicle It is important to choose replacement tyres similar to the original equipment.

If your are planning on rotating your tyres, it is important to fit the less worn tyre on the rear axle. The drive axle being directly controlled by the steering wheel, you can take direct action in case of traction loss contrary to the rear axle.

When you rotate your tyres, make sure to check the level of wear for any abnormal wear. It only takes a quick check to detect problems of alignment or balance

If the tread wear indicator reaches 1.6mm, you should replace your tyres as soon as possible. The more you wait and get closer to the 1.6mm limit, the higher the risks of aquaplaning.

Replacement of all 4 tyres

When all four tyres are worn, you can replace them with identical tyres of the same size. If your were happy with the performance of your tyres, you can choose tyres from the same manufacturer. If it were not the case, a great selection of tyres is available at cheap prices on the internet.

What about value for money?

Tyre tread life should be taken into account when purchasing a new tyre. Indeed, sometimes you can miscalculate the actual cost of a tyre by trying to save money at the time of purchase with a low price tyre. This tyre might not last as long or be of a lesser quality than another, and you may have to replace it sooner.

When replacing a tyre, several criteria should attract your attention :

  • Rolling noise.
  • Grip.
  • Rubber quality.
  • etc.

You have to find the right balance.