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Who will fit my tyres bought online ?

The fitting of tyres on wheels is best left to professionals. It is a delicate procedure that require special tools and training. It takes on average 10-15 mins and between 10 and 15 quids to get your tyres mounted on wheels.

No reason to be scared !

Webusers that consider buying tyres on the internet for the first time might be frightened off by the potential difficulty in getting them mounted. Thinking that garage owners would refuse to service them etc etc, but it is by no means the case !

The online purchase of tyres have gone viral for the past ten years so much so that garages have grown accustomed to receiving parcels and mounting tyres. And tyre mounting is easy money for mechanics!.

Where to go ?

  • You are advised to use one of our partners.

Online tyre shops usually have networks of fitting station partners that are accustomed to receive and mount tyres for the web shoppers. Upon purchasing a tyre, the garage receives a mail that warns him of the coming order. As soon as he receives the tyres, the garage may contact the customer to arrange appointment. The servicing fees are regularly updated on the webpages.

  • In a garage that isn't a partner of the site.

Alternatively, you can go to the garage of your choice, irrespectful of whether it is a partner or not. Just make sure the garage is equipped with the necessary tools and check servicing fees beforehand. Anything up to 25gbp is considered reasonable .

Some garages or fitting station might try to charge you an extra fee on the grounds that you've purchased tyres from somewhere else. Avoid these, as they are enough serious and honest people out there.

  • At home or at your office: Mobile fitting

Home fitting has been developing rapidly over the past few years as it offers a very flexible and reliable service to customers

All you need to do is give a quick call to set an appointment at the place that suits you best, whether at home, at work or somewhere else, provided it is within reach of the mobile station

Consider yourself lucky: We have enough mobile fitting partners for everyone in the UK, so just sit back and relax, prices are in the same range as in the garage, and the job is just as good!.

Feel free to get the tyres you've bought with Tyre Leader anywhere you'd like!