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Flat tyre repair guide

You may fix your damaged tyre if the following conditions are met :

  • Internal structure must not have been damaged. Driving or parking on flat tyres may cause damage to the internal structure.
  • Damage must be located on tread... Tyre sidewall should not be damaged
  • The diametre of the hole caused by the foreign body should not exceed 6mm, which excludes damages related to kerbs, tears...

Can Runflat tyres be repaired ? Yes! So long as they haven't been driven flat! In practice, it makes it nearly impossible to repair runflats.

Fixing it from outside

You can repair a tyre from the outside using plugs Within minutes, your tyre is repaired at a limited cost. It is a very simple quick fix that isn't recommended by manufacturers because there is no inspection of the internal structure.

User's guide

  1. Locate the hole created by the puncture and use the rasp/file like tool to clean the hole.
  2. Put the plug half way through the insertion tool and apply special glue to plug
  3. Insert the plug thanks to the insertion tool. Leave only half an inch outside.
  4. Twist the insertion tool away from the plug
  5. Cut off the excess material
  6. Your tyre is fixed! Inflate your tyre and check pressure regularly. Remember: a loss superior to 1.5psi a month is abnormal..

Fixing it from the inside

Inserting a special fixing piece for tyres called " mushroom" is much better than the previous method. It is more reliable but require the intervention of a tyre professional, which is more pricey. The tyre has to be dismounted before the different steps (cleaning, buffing, vulcanising of the mushroom and removal of excess material can be carried out).

This method is approved by manufacturers.

The above method are the most common.Some other methods exist, with varying degrees of efficiency..