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Porsche approved tyres : how does it work?

What is a Porsche approved tyre ?

In order to be Porsche approved, manufacturer working with Porsche need to respect a number of specifications laid down by the manufacturer ( size, load and speed indexes, routing sheet)..

Porsche approved tyres feature a reinforced radial structure along with more rigid sidewalls. Taken together, these characteristics prevent tyre deformation, even at high speeds.

How to recognize a Porsche approved tyre ?

All Porsche approved tyre bear a a specific marking: N code+ digit. This marking runs from N0 to N6: the digit stands for the number of additional features compared to the standard tyre..

Exemple :

  • N0 : First approved tyre
  • N1 : Approved tyre with a few enhancements compared to the N0
  • N2 : Same thing, compared to N1

When Porsche approves a new tyre ( from a different brand for example) the indexing starts again from N0.

What Porsche tyre is the best choice?

Porsche has always recommended Michelin.But other Porsche approved manufacturers offer tyres that deliver the same level of performance

The most popular :

Model Strenghts Weaknesses
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 PS2 Outstanding steering precision, first rate handling and braking on dry Weaker braking performances on wet roads.
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Outstanding traction on dry, predictable handling. Weaker grip on wet
Pirelli P Zero Outstanding handling on wet and dry. Very good steering precision, optimal handling of aquaplaning risks Slightly weaker braking performance on wet