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Optimize tyre grip

Tyre grip is an element of paramount importance for safety. It varies from 1 to 10 depending on the tyre. What comes into play is the state of repair of the road, the tread pattern and above all the weather conditions.

So there are several scenarios :

Dry roads

The ideal tyre for dry roads are slicks, just like those in Formula 1 The broader the tyres, the bigger the contact patch which leads to better grip.

This type of tyre is exclusively dedicated to racing tracks. It is prohibited to drive on roads with slicks on. However, there are semi-slick tyres which include the necessary few grooves for driving in compliance with the law.

TyreLeader offers several semi-slick tyres on the website :

Asset : The grip is enormous, it feels as if the car was glued to the road.
Drawback : The bodyframe of the vehicle can bend if not rigid enough .

As a consequence, be mindful of the tyre characteristics you choose in terms of the density of the tread pattern ( more or less slick) and the tyre width. They have to be adapted to your vehicle.

dry tyre

Wet roads

On this type of surface, the most prominent characteristic is not so much grip as water dispersal to prevent the risk of aquaplaning. The grooves and sipes of the tread pattern serve exactly this purpose. The V-shape tread patterns are by far the most efficient.

Asset : Outstanding water dispersal.
Drawback : Less grip because the size of the contact patch is reduced by the tread pattern cavities.

tires for wet soil

Snowy roads

Snow is to be blamed for many accidents on the road each winter In some extreme cases, the use of chains, or even studded tyres is recommended. When the outside temperatures drops below 50°F ( 10°C) your summer tyres are not efficient any longer. It is advisable to get winter tyres fitted on your car.

Winter tyres rely on siping in order to reach optimized grip on the surface.

Asset : Winter tyre siping enables you to keep a good grip in winter driving conditions. With these tyres, no more stress on snowy roads.
Drawback : This type of tyre doesn't provide as much grip on dry roads. Moreover, the rate of wear is faster if it is used round the year.

winter tyre