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What is a retreaded tyre ?

Retreading is a method used to lenghten the life of tyre. It consists in replacing the tread of a used tyre while keeping the same carcass

(It is only possible for reusable tyres RUT).

Retreads: Can you trust them ?

All retreaded tyres are carefully scrutinized for defects. Since january 2002, retreads have been submitted to the same demanding safety and performance standards as new tyres before getting on the market Labelling is compulsory for retreads.

Assets Weaknesses

(40 % less pricey than a new tyre)
Retreads generally emit more noise
(less tyre scrap and waste)
Perfomance can be slightly inferior compared to new tyres

Retreading is mainly concerned with the heavy truck market ( 85%) and only constitutes 12% of the market for passenger cars

The best brands for retreads

TyreLeader recommends several expert brands in the retreading industry.

Marangoni The Italian brand is an expert in tyre retreading. it produces tyres of equivalent performance to new tyres Marangoni guarantees its products for life against manufacturing defects.
Blackstar Blackstar is a French brand specialized in tyre retreading, It has a leading position in the industry and is well known particularly for 4x4 retreads.
Laurent The brand is specialized in the manufacturing of retreads for the industry, it is the french subsidiary of Michelin.
Goodyear - Dunlop Retreading mainly for heavy trucks. Impeccable quality.
Insa Turbo The brand is known since 1998 in the industry of retreads, It is reknown for its cutting-edge technology that allows it to reach top quality.

What does retreading consist in ?

Retreading can be broken down into three distinct steps:

1 Buffing This step consists in cleaning the remaining parts of the old tread with adapted tools once the tread is removed
2 Repair Repair consists in replacing all the damaged parts ( damaged belts...)=
3 Building Building means that a new layer of rubber is added. This layer will be the new tread of the tyre once vulcanization is complete..