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Tyres and MOT vehicle inspection.

vignette controle technique

The law closely regulates what is, and what isn't possible to do when it comes to tyre replacement. Drivers must comply with the law on the following points in order to pass the MOT or random checks on the road:

  • Different tyres on the same axle : you must mount tyres of equal diametre on the same axle. Tyres should have the same tread pattern and share the same characteristics..
  • Uneven wear on the same axle : There shouldn't be a difference in depth higher than 5mm between the tread depth of the two tyres.
  • Load index and authorized speed :It is forbidden to mount tyres that have a speed or a load rating lower that the one recommended by the manufacturer/ original equipment. For snow tyres, you are allowed to equip tyres with indexes one letter lower than for summer indexes.
  • Customized sizes : For any change in sizes, you have to make sure they are approved by the OTC or ETRTO as indicated here : (correlation table).
  • Customized sizes and speedometers : After a change in size, the speedometer must not indicate a speed inferior to your real speed.What is more between 25 and 75 km/h, your speed should not be artificially increased by more than 10%.
  • Tyre wear : The tyres should never display deep slashes or irregular shapes on the tread or the sidewall. The tyre should never display bald spots on parts of the tread.
  • Illegible or absent markings :The tyres must always have visible tread wear indicator and readable sidewall indications.
  • Scrubbing on body parts :The tyre should never come into contact with the body parts, even when scrubbing lightly or at long intervals .