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UTQG rating

The UTQG rating enables a tyre classification depending on the level of performance of tyres. The UTQG ratings appear on the tyre sidewall.

UTQG rating

Treadwear : Tread wear index

This index refers to the wear rate of the tread. The test was done on a distance of about 10 000km

The value of the index is included between 60 and 620. The reference index is 100.

  • A tyre with an index of 50 will wear twice faster than a tyre with an index of 100.
  • A tyre with a 150 index will wear 1.5x slower than a tyre with an index 100.

In conclusion : The higher the tread wear index, the longer the tread life for your tyre.

Traction : grip index

This index refers to grip on wet roads The index ranges from AA to C. C is the lowest index to comply with regulations.

To conclude : The higher your traction index, the shorter the braking distances.

Temperature : Index refering to heat build-up resistance

The index refers to the resistance of the tyre to heat build-up and its capacity to dissipate heat. It ranges from A to C, C being the lowest rate.