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Explanation of tyre labels

The data on the label enables you to assess more efficiently the quality of the tyre according to three criteria :

Class A corresponds to the best performance and class G to the worst.

Fuel consumption.

The rolling resistance of your tyres leads to heavy fuel consumption.

The classification enables to assess fuel efficiency per 100km in relation with the reference class A

tyre labels

Wet grip.

This class measures the braking capacity of the tyre The shorter the braking distance, the better the class

The test consists in conducting a full emergency braking at 50MPH and to measure the braking distance

The performance variance is calculated from the best class A.

measure the braking distance

External rolling noise ( in dB)

The rating on the label corresponds to the noise emitted by a vehicle driving at 50MPH recorded by a microphone placed at a 7.5m distance from the track.

External rolling noise