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The different tyre types

Summer tyre

This type of tyre is ideal for driving on dry, in these conditions, the grip couldn't be better. On wet roads, the performances of this tyre type are not as good.

It is vital for your safety that you make sure your tyres are in good repair. When worn, a tyre loses in efficiency and might even be dangerous.

Winter tyre

In some countries, winter tyres are a legal requirement. In the UK it is not the case

However, it is advisable to mount these tyres between November and March when temperatures are below 50°F.

You should be mindful of the state of wear of these tyres When they are worn, these tyres are no longer efficient on snow or wet. When the tread depth becomes inferior to 3mm, you are advised to change your tyres to maintain optimal grip.

All season tyre

All season tyres enable you to use your tyres in good conditions round the year. it is a good balance between summer tyres and winter tyres.

However, this tyre is not as efficient on dry as a summer tyre or as good on snow as a winter tyre.

The state of repair of your tyres is extremely important. You should check your tyre repair regularly for your own safety.