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Changing a tyre

After a puncture or when switching to winter tyres,it is always quite useful to know how to change a wheel. You'll spare yourself hours on the side of the road.

If there is no alternative to changing your tyre on the side of the road, remember to wear you reflective jacket, turn on the hazard lights and place the warning triangle 40 or 50 yards away for safety's sake..

Step by step instructions:

  1. Pull over on a flat surface. Failure to do so might result in the car rolling down the slope, and leave you behind.
  2. Also avoid soft, loose or eneven ground because your jack could sink in the ground. If you cannot do otherwise, try to use a wooden board of some kind, hard and big enough to resist the weight of the car
  3. Apply the handbrake and engage first gear (or 'P' if an automatic).
  4. Remove hubcap if applicable.
  5. Start by slackening the bolts of the wheel you wish to change, In order to undo, most bolts need to be turned counter-clockwise. .
  6. To slacken off the bolts/nuts, you may use the wheel brace stored with the spare wheel
  7. Place the jack in the recommended lifting point closest to the wheel to be removed. Ensure that the jack head engages correctly (as shown in the handbook) and extend the jack until the wheel is no longer in contact with the road.
  8. Remove the bolts completely. You migh experience difficulties removing the wheel because of incipient rusting. You should be able to knock it off the axle.
  9. Place the damaged wheel under your vehicle so as to help cushion the fall in case the jack was to slip. It'll always cost less to get a wheel fixed than to have the axle repaired.
  10. Place the spare wheel on the axle and start securing the bolts manually until they lock. Make sure there is no debris on the bolt thread
  11. Tighten the bolts with the wrench, paying attention to the correct tightening order .There is no need to tighten like mad..
  12. Slowly lower down the car and put away the jack.
  13. Check for any loose bolts and apply torque with wrench if necessary. Please note that excessive tightening will only lead to damage on wheel/axle. Use moderate force
  14. Replace hubcap is applicable

Voilà, ready to go!

Please beware: If you have changed your wheel following a puncture, you should know that spare wheel is not a long term solution,