Car tyre

What pressure for your tyres ?

Your tyre looks flat but you can't find the culprit? You have to inflate your tyres to the appropriate pressure. How do you find out ?

On the tyre sidewall?

No, the marking on the sidewall indicates the maximum cold inflation for this tyre (44 psi or 300 kpa or 3 bars in the picture below).

Manufacturers always advise drivers to inflate their tyre at a pressure below the maximum limit indicated on the tyre sidewall.

In the user's manual?

Yes, some manufacturers include the recommended pressures in the user's manual. But you'll definitely find these values on the sticker placed on the driver's door jamb

It is very important to check cold pressure for correct reading. That is why, it's always a good idea to spend a few quids on a pressure gauge rather than rely on gas stations front yards.

Ideally, we recommend your tyre pressure once a month to make sure that tyres operate in optimal conditions

Your tyres pressure plays a huge role in determining the' behaviour of your vehicle on the road. That is why several key articles are devoted to pressure in our guide:

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