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Tyre pressure

Find out about the adapted tyre pressure on the fuel filler flap, the owner's manual or on the door jamb of the driver's door.

There are two values, one for normal load, the other for a vehicle with a high load or for driving on highways.

It is important to inflate your tyres when cold (less than 2 miles driven in the previous 2/3 hours). If you can't do otherwise, and your tyres are already hot, remember to add 0.3 bars to the displayed pressure. Remember to check tyre pressure again when cold.

Remember to replace the valve cap for proper sealing.

tyre pressure

Wrong pressure : the risks entailed

Under inflated pressure : an underinflated tyre wears out more quickly It creates overheating that ultimately can cause the tyre to burst

Over-inflated tyres : It leads to faster wear of the tyre centre tread.

As a general rule, check your tyre pressure once a month. Remember to check the spare wheel pressure too.