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Tyre rotation : advice and information

Why should you rotate your tyres ?

  • Prevent irregular wear
  • Maintain quality of grip
  • Enhance tyre tread life
  • Detect irregular wear caused by misalignement

When should you rotate your tyres?

You are advised to rotate your tyres every 5000 miles.

How to carry out proper tyre rotation ?

Vehicle Type of rotation
Rear or front drive Cross rotation
4x4 Cross rotation
Vehicles equipped with directional tyres Front to rear tyre rotation

Should you get your tyres balanced after rotating your tyres?

It is only necessary if you notice vibrations in the wheel drive. In theory, balancing remains untouched when rotating tyres on the same axle

Please keep in mind
  • For vehicles with different tyre sizes at the back and front

A left to right rotation and vice versa is advised for both axle.

You are advised against rotating your tyres.