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Load indexes and speed ratings

Load index

The load index can be found on the sidewall. It corresponds to the maximum load the tyre can handle

You can compare the load index with the following table to find out the the maximum load in Kg the tyre can handle

Each tyre must have a load capacity equal or superior to half the weight borne by the axle on which it is mounted. .

load index

Speed rating

The speed rating is indicated by a letter on the tyre sidewall. It corresponds to the maximum tyre driving speed.

Find out the letter on your tyre sidewall and refer to the table below to know the maximum speed your tyre can handle.

speed rating


You should never fit a tyre with a lower speed rating to the one of your car's original equipment. On the other hand, there is no problem about fitting a tyre with a higher speed rating.

Snow tyre specificities

You can mount snow tyres with a speed index one letter lower compared to your summer tyres For example, if your car drives on summer tyres with a V speed rating, you can fit snow tyres with an H speed rating.

What are ZR tyres ?

ZR indicates that the tyre can handle speeds superior to 149 MPH It includes the category W and Y. High performance tyres On you tyre sidewall, it is sometimes indicated by a Z marking.